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Supervision in Beaconsfield

I offer supervision to counsellors in training, newly qualified counsellors and to those in established practice. I meet either at my private practice in Beaconsfield or, increasingly, remotely by video call.

What is supervision

Supervision is a requirement for anyone working in the counselling profession and indeed in many other helping professions. Most professional bodies will have their own minimum requirements which members are expected to meet. For example the BACP requires members to have a minimum of 1.5 hours of supervision per month.

Although supervision is a formal arrangement it is much more than overseeing another counsellors work. It is a collaborative relationship where supervisor and supervisee “work together to ensure and develop the efficacy of the counsellor/client relationship” (BACP)
Inskipp and Proctor suggest that there are 3 main functions of supervision:

The normative task which ensures that ethical practice is adhered to, the formative task which aims to develop the supervisee’s skill, knowledge and understanding and the restorative task which enables the supervisee to discharge emotions and recharge their batteries.

Supervision protects clients and supports counsellors by involving a qualified third party. It can offer different insights which can enhance the therapeutic work and provides a safe space for supervisees to explore their own feelings and thoughts about the therapeutic alliance and their own personal development.

It is not only Counselling professionals who benefit from supervision. Individuals working in the areas of health care, social care or the emergency services are realising the benefits of having a safe space to explore the impact of their work on them which is separate from their line management

Location and cost

I offer reduced rate Clinical Supervision to counsellors in training and to those setting up in private practice (see information page for cost) from either my private practice in Beaconsfield or remotely via online video call. I can offer support in the logistics of setting up your private practice as this in itself is a supervisory issue. Furthermore, I am also able to refer clients on to supervisees once your practice is set up, where appropriate.

Supervision sessions can be fortnightly or monthly and last either 60 minutes or 1.5 hours for one to one sessions.

If you have any further questions or would like to talk about the possibility of working together, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Email contact form or text/call: 07854 692707

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